VP21Type & RTF

RTF lets you change the size of the letters and the characters you write. It lets you change the style, fonts, colors, the highlight of the text you choose. Also you can add underline, bold textstyle and italic text.

  • Underline text
  • Bold text
  • Italic text
  • Change
  • Change the font
  • Change the size of the text
  • Use many colors with the text
  • Intend
  • Intend chapters
  • Intend the first rows of the chapters
  • Type in hyperlinks
  • Use super text
  • Use sub text
  • Attach
  • Attach pictures
  • Attach calculation spreads as pictures
  • Attach schemes as pictures
  • Use wordwrap to automate new lines
  • Start up programs from the text
  • Change background color and picture
  • Use
  • Use lists like this is

Information of VP21Type

Here is Information of VP21Type

VP21Type is an editor program to edit articles, memos, documents and link lists.

But it is not an ordinary editor, because you can change the background instantly and you don’t need to get blinded from the bright white background anymore while you use any color and any picture behind the text of the document .. or the link list.

Also there are futuristic adjusting icons at below of the window on the screen. While there are no seemingly structures around the window you can fit it good on the screen. Changing the background does not change the original RTF-document nor text.

You can use mouse or keyboard for scrolling the text and to zoom the text at any time.

You cab have pictures and calculation schemes as the form of pictures on your document.

VP21Type accepts all those characters and fonts that are accepted by the operating system Windows.

Have a nice time with VP21Type.

Regards from Veli Kuparinen